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What every girl should wear during her period

A period is not something to be ashamed of. However, it can be annoying sometimes: it can stain clothing, lead to embarrassing situations, and get in the way of normal activities.

Wear dark colours during your period.

If you are worried about accidents and leaks, dark clothing can be a godsend. Wear underwear and pants that are navy, black, or dark brown. These are less likely to show signs of your period leaking and they are less likely to get noticeable permanent stains

Tie a shirt around your waist. 


If you are caught out in public with stained pants, simply tie a sweatshirt, sweater, or large shirt around your waist. This will help you hide the stain until you are able to go home for a change of clothing.

Sleep on a dark-coloured sheets.

Especially when you are first getting used to the rhythms of your period cycle, you might experience more leaks overnight when you cannot change your pad or tampon frequently. Find a dark-coloured, old towel that you do not mind staining. Lay this across your bed to protect your sheets

Double up on period protection. 


If you are worried about leaks, try using two forms of period protection at the same time. If one form of protection begins to leak, you have the second form of protection as back-up, which will buy you some time. Or you might wear a panty-liner along with a tampon.

Wear absorbent underwear. 

There are several clothing products that are designed to absorb period leaks and stains, such as absorbent underwear. If you are worried about your tampons, pads, or period cups leaking, absorbent underwear will help keep the accident under control, and your pants won’t get stained.

Note important details of your period on the calendar.

These details include the rate of your flow (light or heavy), changes in the period’s texture (such as clots), and whether you experience other period symptoms such as cramping or tiredness. All of these details can help you determine the supplies you need each month and when you will use them. These details might also be useful information to share with your doctor if you notice any significant changes to your cycle.

The keys to making sure your period stays private are knowledge, preparation, and following instructions. If you know when to expect your period, have the right supplies prepared, and are using the supplies correctly, nobody else will know.

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