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The Fort Jesus Museum Experience

I have been living in Mombasa since 2012 September  but I visited the fort on 29th December  2016.; what a shame. So i will briefly talk about the fort Jesus (as narrated by the your guide )

The Portuguese built Fort Jesus in 1593. The site chosen was a coral ridge at the entrance to the harbour. The Fort was designed by an Italian Architect and Engineer, Joao, Batista Cairato. The earliest known plan of the Fort is in a manuscript Atlas by Manuel Godinho de Heredia – dated 1610 which shows the original layout of the buildings inside the Fort.

Fort Jesus was built to secure the safety of Portuguese living on the East Coast of Africa. It has had a long history of hostilities of the interested parties that used to live in Mombasa. Perhaps no Fort in Africa has experienced such turbulence as Fort Jesus. Omani Arabs attacked the Fort from 1696 to 1698. The state of the Fort can be understood from the plan of Rezende of 1636 and other plans by Don Alvaro? Marquis of Cienfuegos and Jose? Lopes de Sa – made during the brief reoccupation by the Portuguese in 1728 – 1729. In the Cienfuegas plan, the names of the bastions are changed.

The Fort Jesus museum was built with a grant from the Gulbenkian Foundation. The exhibits consist of finds from archaeological excavations at Fort Jesus, Gede, Manda, Ungwana and other sites. Other objects on display were donated by individuals notably Mrs. J.C. White, Mr. C.E. Whitton and Mrs. W.S. Marchant. The Fort has lived through the years of hostilities and a hush climate and is structurally well maintained. Enjoy some of the pictures that we took.( Maqqus photography +254 714 585784)

Hand made silver bracelets
A comb


Thanks for passing by. Surprisingly, the entrance fee to fort Jesus is only ksh200 (2$). you should consider visiting  when free. xoxo

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