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Leather Skater Skirt

Hello Everyone,

Am so excited this is my last week of internship (Ministry of Health Mombasa), but a bit sad I’ll be back to school in two weeks time. But that’s life anyway, that aside, I missed blogging but I have been busy setting up my new store. Am not done yet, I had to create time to update my beautiful blog. Hopefully by the end of the month I will be done and launch it next month.

Leather Skater Skirt

Are skater skirts a new trend? Of course not. Skater skirts have been a trend on its own; it’s one of my favorite styles. However, it is always a good thing; we keep reinventing things from the past and make them look more classic and sexy. Personally, I wear skater skirts since they are flexible for any occasion or event. They give me an easy to decide what to wear without disarranging my closet now and then. Leather skater skirt are just different from normal skaters adds a little edge, class and maybe a fashion turning point regardless of age, occupation and many more factors.

The beauty of a leather skater skirt is how you can wear it with anything; chiffon tops, crop tops, checked shirts and a normal turtle neck top and look classy. This could be the most flirtering item in your closet, regardless of your age, body type and height. The best thing with skater skirts they add up curves where not, and also hides them if that’s what you would like. See, outfits like pencil skirts, jeans and tights reveal your body shape, but with the skater anyone can just wear it.

Leather Skater Skirt


Add some fancy shoes, you can choose boots, stilettos, gladiators or even sandals. Maybe you can also add a boyfriend jacket, blazer or polo neck sweater. However, if leather is not your thing, or probably it’s too much for you to wear, try other fabrics. Depending on your event or occasion, keep it short, knee length or mid. You can also decide to play with prints, floral, polka dots, strips, lace……the list is endless. You gotta love the skater skirt style like I do.

Leather Skater SkirtLeather Skater SkirtLeather Skater SkirtLeather Skater SkirtLeather Skater Skirt

cred skater


Celebrity inspiration Rihanna and Ariana

Celebtrity Inspiration
Celebrity Inspiration
celebrity inspiration
celebrity inspiration

                                                      FOMO top- Mr Price(nyali cinemax shopping mall)

                                                     Leather Skater Skirts- Mr Price (nyali cinemax shopping mall)

                                                     Heels- random shop in town (Nairobi)

                                                     Handbag- gift

   Photography- Guy G Media Films

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