Fun Facts About Swahili Women

I moved to Mombasa Kenya in September 2012, that’s like approximately 5 years now. For at least a thousand years, Swahili people have occupied a narrow strip in the coastal region of Kenya, although they are scattered all over the country, I still believe Mombasa has the highest population of Swahili people. The majority of Swahili people are Muslims, if you can remember our history class back in high school, then you have the reason as to why they are.

Facts about Swahili people that I have learned the few years I have been in Mombasa

  1. ‘Kiswahili’ language is their mother tongue. This reflects their mixed origin and complex history.
  2. They believe in Allah as the Supreme Being and Mohammed as the most important prophet.
  3. They pray five times a day, inside our university, there is a mosque, I can’t tell the exact time when Muslims go to worship, but I have a rough idea its 5 times a day.
  4. Muslims fast from dawn to dusk during the holy month of Ramadan
  5. They make special and unique dishes which I love so much, example, biriyani, pilau and so on

When it comes to fashion, I can’t really describe it, but I really love their handbags and how Swahili women prepare for weddings. Sounds wired right? Walk around the streets of Mombasa and you will notice the kind of classy handbags Swahili women carry along. However,  the traditional attire of a Swahili man is a long white (or beige) robe (or kaftans) known in Swahili as a kanzu and a small, white, rounded hat with elaborate embroidery. Swahili women dress in long black dresses called buibui, and cover their heads with a black cloth, known as a hijab. I really admire Swahili culture, thanks for passing by.


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