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Beauty tips; this is how I maintain my flawless skin effortlessly


It’s every ladies dream to have that flawless skin, in the current market there are many cosmetic products claiming to offer the flawless skin everyone would love to get. You don’t require multiple of products so that you can acquire a perfect skin.

First, you need to know your skin type. If your skin is shinny on the nose, forehead and chin area you have an oily face. On the other hand, if your skin has rough patches and sometimes has redness on some places you have a dry skin. However, most skin types only need a moisturizer and a cleanser which actually have anti aging ingredients. Once you understand your skin type, giving your skin the best care is very simple and possible. I use nivea moisturizer which I find it the best. I have a normal skin, not dry neither is it oily. Although i use make up, I have to maintain my skin  naturally by the following tips am about to share;

  1. Drinking a lot of water; hydrating your body plays a major role in its functioning. All body system will function perfectly with hydrated body. However water helps prevent a dull, saggy, loose and flaky skin.
  2. Sleep; yes….sleeping.. this may sound wired to some of you, but getting enough sleep its really healthy and free. I sleep a minimum of 12hours per day
  3. Have minimal sugar; sugar damage elastin and collagen which thereafter cause wrinkles.
  4. Diet; a diet with rich of vitamin c prevents or rather leads to few wrinkles, vitamin c plays a major role in production of collagen.
  5. Lastly, I engage in activities and exercises which will keep my skin healthy and firm, I go to the gym once in a while but I do yoga weekly. such activities may also keep you away from thinking too much which would cause depression

Remember to always wash your face before you sleep, wipe off all the makeup. I use olive soap and I would recommend you to use it too. Finally, avoid street cosmetics, and always consult a cosmetologist before purchasing any product.


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