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Beauty tips; how to maintain soft, pink lips

Soft, sexy lips not only give you a good look but also add up to giving you a better smile. Of course everyone would like smooth, sexy pink lips, let me share few tips and hope they will be helpful

Every morning I make a scrub which consists of honey, sugar and olive oil. I use a toothbrush to gently scrub my lips then cleanse with warm clean water. The scrubbing procedure prevents your lips from being hard despite the weather; since it removes the hard surface skin.

photo credit; Google
photo credit; Google


Thereafter, I apply moisturizing lip balm, I mostly use Nivea. After few hours I apply it again. I would recommend everyone to purchase a lip balm that’s ideal for him/her. Read instructions before purchasing any product. Read the ingredients very careful and avoid the once with dyes and flavors.


Next, I apply my lipstick which is from Suzie Beauty which is moisturizing. Apply it on top of your lip balm evenly. Yesterday I was reading a very informative article which was talking about lipstick containing lead. Lead is a carcinogenic; your lips will change and have dark spots. This is how you can test if your lipstick has lead

  1. Put the lipstick on your hand
  2. Pass a gold ring over it
  3. The lipstick will change to black, this means it contains lead. If it doesn’t change your lipstick is lead free
photo credit; Google
photo credit; Google

Let me finish up my tips, In the evening when am back home, I wipe off my lipstick and rub butter on my lips. This helps to calm chapped lips and maintain soft lips. Before going to bed I apply petroleum jelly, basically Vaseline.

Avoid licking and biting your lips; saliva makes ones lips dry. Avoid sharing your lip balm with anyone and don’t layer too many lip products at the same time. Lip balms that have been used more than 12 months grow bacteria so throw them and get new ones. Finally, when brushing your lips, do it gently to avoid sores.





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