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Beauty tips; eye care tips


It’s a blessing to have eye sight, or in simpler terms it’s by God grace some of us can see. Don’t take it for granted, learn how to protect your eyes by simply following the few steps/point below

  1. Fruits and vegetables should be on your daily diet,for example; carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, wild salmon, broccoli, sprouts and bell peppers. Most of these contain vitamin c, zeaxanthine and lutein.
  2. Wear sun glasses to protect you from UV light. The glasses should have polarized lenses to protect you from UV rays; this is because prolonged exposure to UV light is dangerous for your eyes.
  3. Avoid wearing contact lenses for more than 18 hours. Not only can this cause discomfort to your eyes but also permanent eye damage. Lenses / contacts however block the flow of oxygen, so avoid seeping with them; your eyes need a supply of oxygen
  4. Use of cucumber; is a natural method to take care of your eyes. Before sleeping, gently press cold cucumber against eyelids for about 10 minutes
  5. Avoid spending much time on your television, laptop and phone especially if you are not doing anything  important; give your eyes a break.
  6. Do not use dim light to read, do not   struggle to read something when you do not have enough light.

Am sure with the above tips your yes will say healthy for a longer duration, the tips are free and you don’t need any financial budget for them. Take care

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