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My Top 5 Favorite Online Stores

Just like every other lady in her 20s I find myself spending approximately 90% of my day on the internet. If am not on my phone stalking celebrities and other bloggers then am on my laptop browsing and browsing. What I really look for, I too don’t have any idea. But hey! Am not complaining. I have actually learnt a lot from the internet.  Yes, thanks to Leonard Klein rock for coming up with the whole internet idea.Through the internet, I have managed to know as many online shopping stores as possible and since sharing is caring today am open heartedly going to share to you the top 5 ONLINE shopping stores.


I discovered this page on Instagram and purchased this wig. It was delivered to Mombasa within 24 hours, they have really unique and quality wigs. I will do a review about the next hair am planning to purchase.


I always shop at Jumia, the laptop am using now is from Jumia, most of my house hold items and cosmetics. This is the best online store so far. They deal with a variety of different items including; women’s and men’s fashion, entertainment, sports, phones, households and so on. Delivery is quick, service is great and goods are always in good condition (the ones that I bought are great I don’t know about your experience).  you should consider Jumia next time you want items to shop, and maybe too lazy to physically shop.

This was the original and first online shopping store. Everybody literally talked about it at one point of this life. And despite the huge competition that is online today Rupu is still alive and great for online deals.

If you have never heard of OLX then you probably live in Pluto. I can even narrate the first advert they had. Yes, that’s how familiar I am with this online shopping web.  It’s only on OLX where buyers directly get in touch with the sellers. This creates room for bargaining, ignites trust and even security for the whole business deal.

Qaribu Kenya

God knows how much I like Jim’s work. I discovered this page through a friend. They mainly deal with luxury crafts, the advantage about this brand, it’s so affordable and the quality is amazing. I have purchased a couple of items, including a wallet, belt etc.


These stores are a life saver. And remember once you install them in your gadget then you are a business away cause of the notifications when there is an offer or a product of your type is posted or if someone is interested in what you are selling. I mean it’s so easy and if you haven’t tried any yet then you have the links on this post…. click and shop.

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