Tips On How To Wear High Heels The Whole Day

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Tips On How To Wear High Heels The Whole Day

High heels—can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. They’re essential to (most) wardrobes, but there’s nothing worse than putting together an amazing outfit for a night out, only to be sidelined an hour in because your feet are throbbing in pain.

It’s the age-old question asked by every shoe-loving woman at one point or another: How to wear high heels without pain. Is it even possible? Are we relegated to a “grin and bear” mentality for life in the name of looking—and feeling—awesome?  Turns out, a fabulous pair sky-high shoes and pain-free feet aren’t mutually exclusive.

Over the years, I have developed a sure-fire formula to getting used to walking in a pair of heels very quickly. There are some things to keep in mind before you even begin to take a walk with your new best friends (or maybe enemies). There are also tools that you can utilize to make your sky-high comrads more comfortable for you. Let me be clear, I am no expert. This is just what I have learned and it always works for me in a pinch.

1 .Never go high heel shopping in the morning

I recommend going shoe shopping at the end of your day. The best time to try on shoes is when your feet are tired and might even be a little swollen. If the heels in question still feel amazing on your feet, then great! This is a very good place to start. When you put on your heels on for work in the morning, you will be in a much better place buying the shoes you tried on at the end of the day versus when you’re well-rested morning feet tricked you.

  1. When it comes to high heels, remember: quality over quantity

It is very important to invest in good shoes. They need not be the most expensive shoes that money can buy, but be very wary of purchasing cheap heels. Wearing high heels is not the best thing that you can do your feet. I have girlfriends that can only wear flats because they ruined their feet wearing bad high heels every day. I only have four pairs of high heels right now that I know I can depend on. Four pairs is more than I currently need, although who am I to tell you what your limit is.

  1. Walk heel to toe

I find that the biggest mistake that a newbie can make while strutting their stuff in high heels is to walk as if you are not wearing heels. You absolutely have to adjust your gate. You find that this adjustment will feel most natural if you walk heel to toe. If you place your whole foot down at once, as if you were wearing flats, it makes your walk look clumsy and inelegant. Heel to toe is the way to go.

  1. Lean back

There can be an inclination to lean forward while rushing about in heels, as if you are trying to walk up a mountain against the wind. This makes for a very strange and awkward posture. Try to remind yourself to lean and push your shoulders back. It may feel awkward at first, but I promise it’ll make walking in heels easier. I promise you won’t look weird either!

  1. Visualize yourself walking in a straight line

This may sound cheesy, but seriously: visualize yourself on a catwalk (minus the angel wings). It doesn’t need to be a ferocious catwalk strut, but if you imagine walking in a straight line, as if you were on a runway, it really does help.


That’s it for today, enjoy your week.



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