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The Sari Experience

Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to an African woman rocking an Indian outfit. My name is Stellah Charles aka #theitgirl and it’s my first time in a SARI. How do i look by the way?.

For starters, a sari is a garment consisting of a length of cotton or silk elaborately draped around the body, traditionally worn by women from South Asia.
Sari consists of is 6 yards of fabric which when draped in a particular manner gives rise to an attire that is complete in every aspect. Sari draping is considered as an art and requires a lot of practice. It’s not a 1 minute thing and takes an experienced person about 5 – 10 minutes to drape whereas a first timer can take a lifetime. A sari is such an outfit that adds to the style, attitude and confidence of the lady wearing it. The sari is worn in different styles in various parts of India. Just like jeans, dresses, office wears and the many wears we have, saris are worn on a daily basis in India. However, just like we have Sunday clothes, there are Sunday sarees, party sarees, wedding sarees, funeral sarees, etc.
Girls typically start wearing a sari when they are at least 16 years old or older.

So, why did I choose a sari?
Ok. I know we Kenyans and many African ladies love the Indian hair. So i was like “why not try their outfit as well” and i grabbed the fabric and here we are ?. But truth be told, the confidence, comfort and sexiness that comes with wearing this outfit is out of this world. I mean YOU DON’T HAVE TO STRUGGLE AT ALL. You will look great whether you want it or not.
A single Sari can go with different blouse styles and it gives you an entirely new look everytime you wear it with a new blouse.
Sari is the most comfortable outfit as compared to tight jeans and skirts. It’s neither too tight nor too loose. Your comfort is always in your hands with a sari.

A sari brings out your curves as well. (We love curves popping right) AND the best part of this outfit is that you can decide to cover or show skin in it depending on the blouse.

So my girls, don’t hesitate to think out of the box when attending that wedding. I mean, dresses are hot but hey you’d want to look as glam as i look on your bestfriend’s big day right?
And trying new cultures means you know how the world revolves and you are not scared to try out. Cause culture is for humans and we are all equal.

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