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Skort Outfit Ideas

Most of my followers know how much I love wearing skaters, that isn’t a surprise.  If someone asked me what’s my ideal style is, of course, I will answer skaters. Over the past few years of blogging, I have tried to showcase how I style my skaters, but the truth is; I am getting tired of these skaters. I wanted to try something new, so at the moment, shorts and skorts are my current obsession.

skort is a pair of shorts with a fabric panel resembling a skirt covering the front, or a skirt with a pair of integral shorts hidden underneath.  Changing up your style can be important to keep your look in tune with where you are in your life and to preventing you from looking older or (unflatteringly) younger than your true age.

This little skirt-meets-short piece is taking the fashion industry by storm with its versatility and chicness. I really love how easy and effortless it is to style this fun wardrobe staple. Blazers and flat shoes will always be my picks to go with skorts if I opt for casual attires.  In this particular outfit, I paired my jungle green skort with a nude lace top and a reverse stripped blazer.

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