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What to wear for a girls night out

Zee lounge Cocktails
Great service at zee lounge
Reserve a table with your squad

Holla guys!!!!! I recently  discovered the best chill spot in town. Let me just introduce you to  one of the best  luxury lounge; Zenix lounge, also called zee lounge. It’s well equipped, classy and situated in a strategic location and very pocket friendly; endless discounts on specific drinks, happy hour offer on cocktails(this means you will get your cocktails at 50% off).  This is where I and my squad go out for ladies nights out. One of the top reasons we like Zee lounge is because of the music,  great service, comfortable couches, the list is just endless!

Girls dancing to the music

Nothing is more fun and relaxing than hanging out with your favourite girls. After a stressful day at work, having a girl’s night out is really helpful for any girl. But it can often get confusing to choose a good outfit for this. It’s important to look cute, sexy and casual so you are all set to have fun. So if you are also confused about the right outfit to wear when going out with your friends, have a look at our collection of beautiful dresses. And also have a look at the awesome dresses worn by our favourite celebrities for their much-needed ladies night out.

Check out few ideas on how you can dress up when going out with your squad.

Bright coloured outfits

Make your top the star of the show.  If your bottoms are plain your top should be the star of the show. Go for an interesting fabric, color or shiny fabric.

Get out a pair of sexy heels and strut your stuff.  You go girl. Bring out the heels, booties and have some fun!   If you have foot problems, then a pair of wedges are a good compromise. You’ll probably be sitting and chatting all night anyway. Just remember, the shoes can make or break the outfit!

Photography by Njenga

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  1. This is awesome thanks you helped me now I have an idea of what to wear and where to chill in Mombasa with my girls and boyfriend

  2. Zee lounge holds memories for me, this is where i first met my girlfriend. It has been our favourite chill spot since we started dating

  3. Hello lovelies, really liked your insight about the best spot to visit in mss. not forgetting the Fab!!!!outfits you had on and the on point makeup of course. I really have found the best joint to come hv my Birthday!this Friday. hope I’ll get plenty of nice offers from the managemebtvat see lounge. Thanks queen. looking forward to seeing you this Friday gal!!!!

  4. ooh shush! when you try ur best to write the correct English. but the key pad just won’t let you be……. nway hope you guys got the drift. zee lounge is DA place to be…

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