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Type of shoes every girl should have

Girls love shoes and shoes love girls: the love is mutual so at least as a girl now you know that you are never playing yourself by buying every pair that catches your attention, it’s a two-way trafick KINDA love.
As a fashionista, there are specific type of shoes you can’t miss on your rack, apart from the many pairs of heels that you already own of course.


Statement heels

We all love heels and those who pretend that they don’t love them probably have walking issues when wearing a pair of heels. A sexy pair of heel that can be rocked in anything, from jeans to a dinner dress is a must for every fashionista. Can be colourful or a great animal print so long it brings out the sexiness in you. This is a must have unless you want to be the odd one out in this generation of slay queens.


Flat shoes

There are those days when you are too tired to walk in heels but you still want to look sexy. Then FLAT SANDALS will do you some justice. They go well with alot of outfits; summer dress, jeans and shifon top, shorts, and many more. Sandals are great for a casual hangout and they have a tendecy of reminding you that you are not wasting your pedicure money.

BALLET FLATS ( dolly shoes)
Most of you know them as dolly shoes or closed flats. These are the type of shoes you’d wear to work with an official outfit and still wear them with a pair of jeans  on a Saturday. They bring out some serious sexiness( you are serious in a sexy way).



Boots make a girl a woman and a girl at the same time. They tend to bring out some cheekiness in someone. High knee boots are my favourite when dressed with a very short dress. Ankle boots are hot too and go hand in hand with a skater dress. It’s like they were created for each other.



I put on WEDGES when attending weddings because of their comfort. Despite the length a pair of wedge will never be a problem to you, and whether bright coloured or 5 plain black, a pair of wedge will just make a huge statement about you and your life choices. WEDGES are too sexy for life itself.


that pair of converse you put on whenever your mind tells you ” be a 16 year old today” is one of your casual KICKS. Always good for weekends, travelling, balling, and evening strolling as well. Can be worn to the various festivals as well.(koroga, burger festival).


These  heel sandals are classy and very sexy.
(But shoes are sexy and so are women, all in all.) They bring out the feet shape and the leg at large, not forgetting the whole package of the woman wearing them. Great shoes to wear for gala dinners, anniversaries, end of year parties, lunch date, and many other classy events. You’d never go wrong with this pair of sandals.

By now you should know that you are a true fashionista if you don’t lack any of these pairs. Given a chance I would own a whole shoe line for myself, But where is the money, ? and oh! Where is the room to put all those pairs. But if wishes were horses then y’all know that I’d NEVER repeat a pair of shoes.

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