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Tips on how to rock a maxi skirt effortlessly

Maxi skirts never  go out of style, I love them especially the fact that  you can wear them in different occasions  like weddings, church, official meetings, dinner dates and so on. I paired this maxi dress with a black shirt, black heels, Ankara bow tie and a brown sling bag.

On the other hand,  I don’t like wearing maxi  skirts or maxi dresses often considering  my height ( I am very  short) and I need to wear heels anytime  I am wearing a maxi. So, maybe  I wear it when I am attending  an occasion where 80% of the time I have  to sit down.

Tips on how you can rock a maxi skirt effortlessly

1. Get high heels to boost your height

2. If you choose a bright  coloured  maxi, always go for a dull top

3. Choose a complementary  sling bag or hand bag

4. Choose a maxi skirt that  you are comfortable  with, this means you don’t have  to hold it when you are walking. Unless you want to show off your sexy heels.

Thanks for passing by, enjoy  your weekend.

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