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Tips on how to style your ripped jeans

Now that it’s still raining here, we’re constantly looking for outfit ideas that are totally stylish yet highly comfortable, and there’s better staple item than a great pair of jeans. However, it’s no secret that pretty much every other gal on the street is also wearing jeans, so sometimes we need a way to stand out. Enter the ripped jeans!

Rips or no rips – your jeans need to fit you well. Take the time to try on lots of pairs to find ones that fit your legs, are firm enough that you struggle to put two fingers between your tummy and the waistline and are cut to off your shape to your best advantage. If comfort is a primary factor for your jeans wearing, then opt for a pair that have stretch in the fabric. Remember the more stretch in the fabric, the more the jeans are likely to “give”, so the more you need to buy them firm to start with. Conversely, jeans without stretch will give very little on wearing, so buy to feel good on first try.

Worried about flashing skin? Look for designs that have a layer of cotton fabric under the rip or rips that aren’t completely open..

It’s all about the contrast. The very fact that your jeans are ripped means that you are contrasting a streamlined garment with something less fussy. Contrast that even further buy opting for shape and structure in the rest of your outfit. It’s about mixing the “tough” with the soft. Any time you achieve that contrast you’re creating an outfit with greater interest and appeal.

Do the rips yourself. . The way around this is to work either with an old pair that you own and could do with a fresh take or buy a cheaper pair and DIY rip. Either way, you’ll reduce the financial risk of trying a trend that you may not be sure is for you


• Inspect your outfit in a full-length mirror before wearing it out. This will often give you an idea of how dressy you’ve managed to make your jeans look.

• Decide what sort of look you want to go for and make your fashion decisions based on that. The same pair of jeans can be work for a “casual Friday” and a romantic date, but the pieces you pair with them will determine how appropriate the jeans look for the occasion.

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