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Tips on how to behave when you take yourself out in a club

Are your friends too busy to go out with you tonight? Do you get tired of sitting around your home all alone on a Saturday night, while everyone else is spending time with their boyfriends or families? Don’t worry, I’m going to teach you how to go to a bar alone safely so you can have some fun of your own!

I’m  extremely nervous when it comes to getting out and going places that are crowded and involve alcohol. Still, I’ve learned over the past few weeks that sometimes you can’t just stay at home; you have to go out and give it a try.

1. Go to the Right Place

The first thing to do is choose the right locale. There are many different types of bars, and some are much cleaner and safer than others. Every city has a happening hot spot as well as a place you’re likely to get stabbed.

Do some research and ask around. Look online for bars and check out the ratings on social media. Also, when you get to the bar, sit down for a minute and take your time looking at the menu to get a feel of the place before you order. If it doesn’t look like your kind of crowd, then leave and find another bar. I suggest you try out zee lounge.

Get busy with your phone to avoid distruction

2.Dress Appropriately

If you’re going to a bar by yourself, dress in a simple classy and decent  outfit. Do not wear anything see through, low cut, short, or promiscuous. Seriously. You want to draw the right kind of attention, not the wrong kind when you’re alone. Also, wear sensible shoes – nothing you can’t walk in comfortably. When you feel comfortable and at ease, you will be comfortable and at ease.

3. Order the drink of your choice

When you get there, sit at the bar, get to know the bartender a little (male or female), and order a drink you prefer, then settle in with your phone. You can get busy online if you wish. I prefer having red wine or a cocktail.

Enjoy a drink of your choice

4.Do Not Get Drunk

No matter how much fun it is, don’t get drunk. Your goal is to have fun, but remember: you’re by yourself which means you have to get home safe. Have one drink. If a guy offers to buy you a drink, tell him you’re driving but would love a cup of coffee. Any guy worth an ounce will respect that and buy you a coffee.

5.Be Sociable but Not Encouraging

Talk to those around you. You can ask what’s good to eat, what drink the person beside you is having because it looks amazing, you can talk about the weather…make small talk

6.Leave Before it Gets Too Late

There’s no reason for you to be at a bar by yourself late at night. In all honesty, I would suggest packing it up and heading out no later than midnight. That way, you get to leave before the bar gets too drunk, you don’t have to worry about drunken unwanted advances, and you really don’t have to worry about jealous girlfriends.

Location Zenix Lounge 

Photography Njengaah

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