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My Make-Up Bag Essentials

Hey guys, hope you had a lovely week.

Of course most ladies never lack cosmetics in their handbags/purse; today I am giving a highlight of the cosmetics I carry along in my handbag. Evaluate how much makeup you use each day. If you wear makeup every day or go out a lot, you may want to put a makeup bag in your handbag, and make sure you have a small mirror with you. Otherwise, see if you can keep it to the basics.

Stellah Charles

Face Primer

I got this amazing W7 primer from Style Connection, I must admit, it’s so incredible. A primer gives you a smooth and flawless complexion; make sure you apply a primer before doing your foundation. In addition, it also reduces the appearance of pores and fine line making smooth and flawless



Finding the best foundation is one of the biggest challenges for most girls, have you tried out Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation? I have used this nice foundation from Style Connection; I must admit it’s one of the best brands I Have used so far. Initially, I used to use Milani which I also pretty good.


Before you go and buy a foundation make sure to understand your skin type (normal, oily or combination). You should also check if you have pink undertones or yellow undertones So make sure to get a foundation that suits your undertones and something that doesn’t look ashy on the skin. Take your time. Don’t rush into buying one. It’s a big decision, guys!



Kiss Beauty High Light

I will post a video on my new YouTube channel using a highlight; I got this piece from Best Ladies. It’s a foundation Stick which is has highlighting pigmentation. You should try it out, its only 380 bob, a pleasant scent.


NYX lip liner

This is one of the best lip liners I have used, If you want your lipstick to last all night without reapplication. For extra insurance against fading and to avoid a ring of color around the outside of your mouth at the end of the night, fill in your lips completely with pencil before applying your lipstick. The waxy consistency will act like tape to hold the color down longer. Get a shade that is close to the color of your lipstick.



I prefer using a bronzer to a blush, I apply bronzer slightly underneath the cheekbones to lightly contour, on the tops of the cheekbones, a light sweep across the forehead and a little under the chin too. Bronzer is generally used to create a tanned look and also for light contouring on the face. Blush is used to give your cheeks a naturally flushed effect. 


Translucent Powder

Wet and wild is very light and portable, unfortunately, it’s not too common in many beauty shops. I discovered about some few weeks as I had visited Style Connection Shop. Alternatively, I use sleek powder as well; it gives me a perfect look,


Finally, I always carry a lipstick and my new BYS eye gel liner. I have been getting a lot of mails and inboxes about which lipsticks I use and tips on how to get a good lipstick, I will publish a post on that later next week. but my current addiction is the ‘naughty pink”





When doing make up shopping, take time to know your skin type. Secondly, don’t rush into trying out new things if you are not sure about them.

Cosmetics; Style Connection and Bestly Cosmetics

Photography; Peter Whites and Guy G

Venue; Sunset Paradise Holiday Homes

Handbag From Pinkies Collection(sasa mall)


Enjoy your weekend.




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  1. I have been having a great problem on trying to look for a nice foundation
    I will try what you have recommended on your post, thanks very much

  2. I always wondered why your makeup be on fleek while mine looks like l fell on mud and now I see the difference. I need to buy a bronzer and a primer and so many other things asap!! I love how you explain each product thus giving the reader understanding. Great post hun and thank for sharing your beauty secrets, I better be prettier than you after this,lol!

  3. Great, essential and basic makeup requirements! I love how brief you were thus giving insights. Thank you so much! This is very helpful, am buying them all next week at style connection!

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