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Magical Tips To Shop at A Budget

Everyone loves something new. Even a new relationship is always hot. And maybe that’s why people are always shopping and businesses are always bringing in new stocks. I think it is a force of nature. And as a human being you should respect that.

But again we need to shop on a budget unless you want to walk home cause you spent your last coin on buying, buying and buying.

So here are some few tips on how to shop on a budget.

I know random is good but money needs some planning at times. So plan yourself. Know what you want to shop and when you should shop. Plan on how much you’ll spend on shoes and cloths a month and how much to spend on house hold stuff. And many other things that you think you buy monthly or weekly. Having a shopping plan helps in money management.

We all studied business at some point and we know there are some things we just want to have and others we need them for survival. So to be on the safe side of your budget then start with the needs first then the wants can come later. Like it’s as simple as choosing between shopping for grocery and buying that Marie Claire heel that you want so bad ☺.


Nowadays you don’t have to go to the stall to know how much what you want is. There is internet. And everything is there. Once you know how much you need to get what you want to buy then you can plan on when to buy it. And when you are ordering or going to shop you’ll have a budget in your head. So it’s simple, walking in, getting what you came for and leaving. Saves time too.


When the product its new in the market, it’s a hotcake and its abit untouchable but hey! Relax! After sometime prices will go down or there might be an offer and i think that’s the right timing cause product will be the same at a cheaper price. Might be the last to have it but IT’S BETTER LATE THAN NEVER


A good quality lasts longer. So it’s advisable to get good quality than going for a huge quantity with bad quality. Good quality will stay longer before you replace it and for a bad one, though cheaper, will need replacement maybe weekly or monthly and thats a waste of money. So go for quality my people, it never disappoints.


Don’t wait for summer for you to buy bikini and don’t wait for winter to get warm clothes. Don’t wait for visitors to come over for you to buy an extra bed. When it’s winter go buy your summer wears cause at that moment nobody is thinking of buying them. Like it’s cold, bikini for what? But in your head you know that its not going to be winter forever right? SUMMER IS COMING!!! and at the stores prices will be low cause there is no summer shopping. So be smart and shop before a season comes.


Don’t be quick to buy things immediately. It will mess up your budget. If you really like this thing and you feel it’s a must have, then you can decide to save for it. You can save as little as Ksh. 100 daily and when you have the actual amount you can go get it.

Actually am good at this. I’ll ask up to 7 people about a product and its competitors. However, knowledge is good and helps in decision making.
Don’t be in a hurry to buy the product where you saw it first because trust me there are other stalls selling cheaper and others expensive. And then the competitor might even be a better product you know. So don’t feel shy to ask. It helps alot.

These few shared, there are many other tips. Try these techniques, THEY WORK LIKE MAGIC ?

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