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How to wear a maxi thigh slit

Wassup  my people

Wearing dresses with slits has always been hit or miss, if the slit goes too high some people might say you are showing off too much skin while if the slit is small people might not even notice it. In the last couple of years though cut outs and lace tops have been very popular, people are always looking for a way to show off some skin, and the slit is the perfect way.

Usually when you think of slits you images stars on the red carpet, or models on the runway but the high thigh slits are not only for them. A high thigh slit is a great way to take a long, boring maxi dress and turn it into something with a little more sexy appeal. You can even add a slit into a shorter dress to give it that extra sexy appeal. You can get dresses, or skirts with the slits on the side, down the back, in the front, or even on both side.

Maxi dresses, and full length skirts are very in this year. Sometimes maxi dresses and full length skirts can be difficult to wear for some. The thigh slit can take a long skirt and give it a little something extra.

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Outfit by Fashion254

Photography by Jayden


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