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Fashion mistakes to avoid on your first date

Hey guys, today let’s point out few mistakes we make on some first dates. Every first date clearly creates the first impression  of you.  Enjoy my post,  we so make mistakes anyway.

Wearing offensive slogans on your t-shirts

If your shirt reads a cold or aggressive message, he might not be too into getting to know you better. What if a guy showed up for a date in a graphic t-shirt that had a rude or sarcastic message? You would right away assume that he doesn’t care much about the date. The same goes for you, he might get the wrong impression if you show up in a graphic shirt.

Showing too much skin

Dressing too revealing leaves nothing up to the imagination, and guys like to use their imaginations. Another reason not to dress to provocatively is that you’re going to give your date the wrong idea about you and you might end up with a bad booty call and no second date. Tuck the girls away!

Stilettos (or really, really, REALLY high heels)

Unless you’re the type of gal who waltzes around flawlessly while flaunting heels, it’s probably wise to avoid stilettos for your first date. The first reason, you’re probably going to have a drink or two to help break the ice and super high heels are a BAD idea in that case. The second, he’s probably not actually 6’1 like his dating profile says. And the third, you’re probably going somewhere casual as before so dress for the venue.

Dressing overly conservatively

Showing up to your date in your full on business attire may make him run for the hills. Unless you are coming straight from work and have made that clear, he might think you are way too seriously invested in work to have time for a relationship. Dates are a time to relax and have a little flirty fun, business attire may kill that mood.


Thanks  for reading and enjoy your day. Xoxo


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