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What To Carry on a Weekend Get-away

We all love weekends, don’t we?  We tend to spend most of our weekends out clubbing, and probably everyone is always high so what you wear does not really matter. We are out here to have fun, right? But what you PACK for a weekend getaway is really important. You MUST take your time or else you will end up asking people around you to help you with some things that you missed on while packing.

As an island girl, I will focus on a getaway on this side of the world because I can’t ask you to carry a bikini for a getaway and you are packing for a cold weekend, which will be very mean.

Here are few things you need to pack for a weekend getaway


It’s a getaway, catered for or not you need your own money. You don’t know what will happen so cash in the wallet is a must or at least an active a master\visa card (to avoid my card is not responding issues).


They are just sandals! Why do I need them and I just bought my new pair of designer heels? Hello! Are you going to shower in your designer heels? We don’t wear heels to the beach girl so you need the sandals. They are comfy and free to move in. And the sandals do not apply to my world only but for any getaway. You just need them.


If you love shadows on your eyes and stick on your lips then don’t forget to carry your make up. Girls love to have fun and a getaway might get wild and boom!  Did you know that sharing make up is not healthy before you start asking if you could use someone’s foundation? So to be on the safe side carry along your make up on a getaway


What do you do when you are bored? Am not foreseeing a boring get away but you know there are those days when you are psyched up for something and it turns out to be the total opposite of what you expected. I’d bring my playlist and earphones with me just in case. Or tag my best friend along, that girl is real entertainment, I know am very lucky to have a human entertainment


With this Mombasa summer kinda weather, the beach must be a plan included in the getaway or at least a swimming session then if not at the beach. Whether you know how to swim or not I don’t expect you to be on the shores with some jeans or suits, you know what I mean. You need a swim wear to enjoy the breeze, warm salty water, and the sandy shores.


Did you know that how you smell explains a lot of who you are? Bringing your perfume means remembering who you truly are despite where you are. There might be activities during the getaway and there you are, in a group of people, smelling last night. Therefore, to avoid bad smell and embarrassment make sure you bring your perfume with you.


This includes a dinner dress, a pair of jeans just in case there is hiking or for a casual look (it’s good to look casual. Being too sophisticated scares away people and you might be chasing away your blessings you know). A party dress, a night dress, and all relevant changes of outfits depending on your type of get away. Don’t forget your inner wear as well.


While catching up, gossiping or when playing poker SNACKS are relevant. Or if it’s a long journey get away then you need snacks for a little distraction. We all know the various snacks; I wouldn’t miss a bar of chocolate in my snack list.


By PROTECTION I don’t mean protecting you from having fun but I mean having fun in a protected way. “Condoms” Am not encouraging immorality but weekend getaways tend to have “sex” as the main form of fun after the other fun. So to be on the safe side I’d carry my PACK for a just in case I meet my William levy and things get messy. And who said sex on the first day is a bad thing anyway.

Getaways are great. I’d say more fun than night outs and they always end up as a great memory. There are very many things to carry to a getaway including your boyfriend or girlfriend. What I mean is, I couldn’t mention everything to bring with you but at least the above mentioned should not lack unless you want to be a topic of discussion because of your “please assist me with…” phrase

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