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Beauty Beyond Skin Color

Albinism is a genetic disorder that happens when the body fails to produce melanin. The body uses melanin to determine skin color and protect the skin from UV radiation, meaning Albinos have light-coloured skin and often get skin cancers. Remember our biology in high school? Where we learnt  about types of mutation?

You’ve heard of racism – but what about colourism? That is, discrimination based on the color of your skin without regard for your race. It’s real and it happens to many people around the world, but especially to Albinos. Many of these people often feel marginalized, rejected. They feel different from what [society offers] as a standard of normality.

“Beauty beyond skin color” is an event that happens annually in Mombasa fashion, founded by Kiki Fashion. Beauty beyond skin colour use fashion as a form of art to create awareness about person with albinism break the beauty standards in the fashion industry and also help the community embrace how God chose to create. Just like normal fashion shows, the event graces top fashion designers from all over the country, but in this case, the models are albinos who really know how to rock the runway; this makes the event unique.

Details about the event

 Venue; Treasury Square (Mombasa county)

 Date; 3rd June 2017

 Host; Presenter 001(Diana Tangut)

 Entrance; FREEEEEE

 For more information you can contact Lucia 0727120306

Photcredits to Maquss Photography

Hope to see you there.

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