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How I spent my Valentines


Sometimes do you feel lonely or rather like everyone you know or trusted just vanished? This is a feeling which happens once in a while in everyone’s life, especially when you need someone to talk to. Practically, this is the life that street children live. Yesterday, I and my friends spent our day with these kids at Maboxini grounds. This is just an open field where street kids spend their day and night, no shelter, no food, no relatives; just by themselves. How sad?


As much as I was trying to act cool and happy with them, it was a very emotional moment considering the sad life experiences they have experienced. But on the other hand, I found it as a challenge to me, I mean, they are very strong. Do you know what they believe? Live today like there is no tomorrow.

The existence of street children is mostly often viewed as a problem and maybe a burden in the modern streets. It is hard to analyze how this issue is so difficult; these are just lost kids, most of them with no parents or even identification cards.


Yesterday I ought to say it was a great day, I actually learnt to appreciate anything that comes on my way. These kids rely on the left-over and begging on the streets. Am sure a couple of numbers tend to ignore them, if you have any money or you can by them food, just do that, blessings will come on your way.


  1. Taught them on the effects of sniffing glue
  2. Donated clothing and sheets to cover themselves during the night
  3. A chance to show case their talents
  4. Feeding them with abundant food
  5. Entertainment from our local artists
  6. Motivational speeches


Great thanks to JKM Foundation, Life In Mombasa, Ohms Law Montana, all photographers, everyone who contributed to this event being successful. Enjoy your week and we are also looking forward to more and more volunteers to join JKM foundation.










Photo Credits – Jamila

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