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7 reasons why you should read fashion blogs

I love fashion blogs, (Obviously, I write one!) but plenty of people don’t agree with me. As a personal style blogger I read other  blogs with interest. It seems that although some in the fashion world have embraced the blogging phenomenon, others are not so happy about it.

Some of the few reasons to love fashion blogs are;

1.You will see people in their own clothes, wearing them their own way.

2. You will connect with other people.  Blogging is all about communication. If you comment on a blog, that blog owner (if they are a nice, considerate sort of person) will comment on your blog.

3. You will learn how to dress well on less.  Magazines are lovely and celebrities are beautiful, but most of the clothes worn by singers and actresses are very, very, expensive. Most fashion bloggers use just usual outfits that are affordable to many.

4.You will learn DIY techniques.  Lot of blogger post their “how to’s” as well as outfit posts. It’s a fun, and budget friendly, way to create new things for your wardrobe.

5.Fashion blogs give you permission to try new things. There’s nothing quite like other women looking their best that makes you feel you can look your best too.  If she can wear three colours of purple and green in an outfit and look great, then maybe I can add a purple scarf to my outfit and look great too

6. You will see women who have NOT been improved, cleaned up, and slimmed down by Adobe Photoshop. Are we sick of seeing women with impossible proportions yet?  Are we tired by the brilliant white teeth and the immaculately perfect skin? I know I am. Visit your friendly, neighbourhood personal style blogger for a reality check.

7.Essentially, you will realize that if they can do it, you can do it. It has empowered me. It will empower you too.

Thanks for reading my blog post and enjoy your week.

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