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Hey guys, hope you are having a great weekend.

Sundays are one of the slowest days and I mostly spend my them by either going for brunch or shopping. Last Sunday I was at The Greenhouse Mall which is located at Ngong Road near Adams Arcade, I purchased some cosmetics and I wanted to share what I got. Some of these products I haven’t used them before, so it’s a whole new experience.



I have been using Davis eyebrow pencil to fill my brows for so a couple of years now. I just realized it doesn’t work for me especially in terms of durability, I have to refill again during the day every time I use it.

Zaron is a Nigerian brand and the quality of this eyebrow kit is so amazing. I have been using this product for a week and it’s is the best eyebrow kit I have ever used before. The package has a concealer, gel and powder. This product comes with two double-sided brushes for easy application.

Cost ksh 900



Basically, I love this product because it is easy to use and faster than the brow gel. It comes in handy when you are I a hurry or too lazy to do your brows. I purchased two colors, dark shade of brown and a lighter one.

Cost ksh 700 for both



Can a makeup look be completed without mascara? No way. Whether you are doing every day natural makeup or going for some glamorous touch, without mascara your eyes look empty and lonely.

I like how most Maybelline mascaras are affordable, yet effective. In fact, it’s not just about mascaras; all other products are also very reasonable priced as compared to other brands.

This mascara is perfect for separating long lashes. The brush is very unique fan shaped and have small and long bristles. The brush is tricky to use, it is advised to use small bristle for root lashes and long bristles for tips. Once you get hold of the brush this mascara is pretty amazing. However, it doesn’t add much volume to lashes. It lengthens the lashes and hold the curl for long.

Cost – ksh 1,350


Black Opal and Maybelline Superstar Foundation were on my shopping list. I have been using the black Opal stick foundation and Maybelline Super Stay liquid foundation together for a long time. I have no specific reason for this but I find the end results super amazing. You have to take the time to blend the foundations for better results.

If you’re looking for a foundation to do more than just offer medium or sheer coverage, the Maybelline Super Stay 24-Hour Foundation is definitely the way to go.

Black Opal ksh 1,600

Maybelline color stay foundation ksh 1,800


There is nothing I love more than a good bronzer and highlighter! These did not disappoint!The darkest shade is perfect for contouring. The next shade over is perfect for giving my skin a subtle sun-kissed look. The next shade over, I like to apply to my cheekbones like a blush for a nice, natural sheen. Now, the last shade is too glittery for my cheekbones, but I love it as an eyeshadow and for highlighting the corners of my eyes! Blending them all is easy, the colors are perfect for my skin color, and they are so nicely pigmented!

Cost – can’t remember


Not sure exactly why I was given this lipstick/lip liner. This amazing Lipstick and Lip liner gives a semi-matte finish.

Please note all products mentioned I purchased at Super cosmetics – The Greenhouse Mall

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