5 Wardrobe Essentials You Should Try

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5 Wardrobe Essentials You Should Try

At times I ask myself why am so fond of specific outfits… Then I remember it’s every girl’s problem. Admit it, there is always those two or three outfits that you will always put on At least once in a week no matter how full your wardrobe is; they are called “THE FAVORITES”
But let’s leave the favorites alone… there are some outfits that must be in a girl’s wardrobe and they are called “THE WARDROBE ESSENTIALS”
So let me do you a favor and break it down for you cause I know you have them but you have no idea that they are an essential .


Oh Yes I started with that. And I see you are smiling cause you have one. It’s normal, Don’t be shy. Every girl has a Short Black Dress (SBD) and it’s mostly BANDAGE to bring out the curves I bet .

It’s not a must for it to be fully RAGGED but some little tearing even just one tore makes it ragged remember. Mostly rocked on a Saturday night by most girls I bump into the club. And as for me, I have grown so much to wear my ragged jeans during the day but I can’t resist it for a hot photo shoot or for a girls’ night out.

Cookie Lyon brought back the umph on the fur world. You see how she rocks them furs and heels…. aha every girl’s dream look is cookie Lyon. And fur became available all of sudden I don’t even understand how it happened, But I just know it happened.
So fur coat owners don’t blame yourselves, a huge percentage of girls have a fur something on their closet.

Let’s talk about kimonos. I see your face right now ?. Am a girl. What did you expect. You know not every girl can rock some crop top and pants and walk out like that. But with a cover up, we tend to feel decent and okay. Kimonos are actually the cover up to everything nowadays; bikini cover up, booty shots cover up, short dress cover up, let’s just call them our life saver.

There is always one African wear in your wardrobe. Be it a top, trouser, skirt, dress… but you have it. How it ended up there, story for another day but somehow it found a way in your closet. You know that dashiki t shirt dress that you saw your friend put on a while back and liked it and actually asked her where she bought it and you got yours? That is what am talking about.

Funny thing is, you might not he wearing these outfits everyday or At least not until 6 months are over but you never give them out because you have that ” Just in case I need to wear this ” thought. And again the favorites could just be some outfits that you like so much that not every other girl has, like that very bright colored skater dress of yours.

thanks for passing by, enjoy your day.

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