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5 shades of Joy

As a self-professed lipstick addict, I’ve long been a fan of matte liquid formulas. That said, I’m the first to admit that not all formulas are created equally. Some are so impossibly drying that you feel like your pout was attacked with a sandblaster. Others remain ultra creamy for hours after application, so they wear off your mouth and into your meal. Recently, I discovered a page on Instagram called Joy lips, selling lipsticks. I swear the shades were so amazing, I was untreated in buying on one shade, and I ended up buying 5 more. Joy lipsticks comes in 5 shades; I have no words to explain how much I like them.

The long wear quality of the lipsticks were very impressive — I ate, drank, and even slept in these lipsticks successfully with no flaking or dissolution. However, in the areas where the colour faded, it did so evenly, not in large patches. I also loved the scent! They were redolent of true vanilla extract in the tube, instead of the more plastic-like aromas found in other makeup products. On the lips, it dried down to a more subtle cake batter fragrance.

Joy lips    agents in Nairobi are;

Winnie Tel 0718098753 and Beatrice 0737896585 (free delivery in CBD)
The lipsticks  are stocked in the following stores;

Mother of beauty. Sasa mall Moi avenue,

2.beauty bar jamia mall,

3.chelsea beautique garden city mall,

4starways.Juja mallet

Let me share  of my pictures wearing Joy lips, and by the way, one lipstick is going for only ksh1200 ($12).

My make up was done by MshyMakeUp (+254707269346)

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