5 Reasons To Wear Red This Valentine’s

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5 Reasons To Wear Red This Valentine’s

Happy Valentine’s Day, gorgeous ladies!

I  missed blogging, it’s been four months, since my last post, but now I am back.


We are celebrating love once again, and we know that you are sure excited for this day. Or maybe not. Although some of you may find Valentine’s Day as another Hallmark holiday, we can’t deny the fact that this day is a great excuse for putting on a fancy and top of the trend #OOTD. Whether you’re single or spoken for, a red dress, top, pant, or pump is a great way to commemorate the Valentine’s.

I saw a flowing attractive red dress hanging on a shop Greenhouse Mall, Fashion254, it beckoned me to try it on. I must admit, I enjoy window shopping. I find happiness in moving from shop to shop sampling what they have in stock, whether I’m buying or not. I find window shopping gives me a mental picture of what I need in my wardrobe and gives me the chance to budget for what I want.

I thought the color red was supposed to make you angry. Yet it’s a predominant color for Valentine’s Day. Red is associated with energy, strength, power, and danger. But it also symbolizes passion, love, and desire. The color red increases your heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure. Maybe that’s why it’s used in the “red-light district.”

The color red has high visibility — good for stop signs, signals and fire extinguishers. It’s used to denote danger too. I suppose you’re in dangerous territory when you fall in love.

Five quick reasons why you should wear red in Valentine’s

  1. Being festive is fun
  2. It’s the best stain catching-color for V-Day foods
  3. It boosts confidence and energy
  4. It’s the best stain catching-color for V-Day foods
  5. You’re more likely to get lucky

You’ve got the “code red,” “red flag,” and “red herring” thing going on. Or that red light on the police car as he pulls you over — sure to increase your insecurities.  The color red may be too crazy to understand — as it can raise your heart rate, but also signal danger and failure. Yet, women seem to be attracted to it.

Thumbs up to Shiqs, my stylist for this shoot


Dressed  by Fashion254

Styled By Wanjiku Stephenes

Stap heel  from Backyard

Hair – Marley Braids

Photography by Johfbaks


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