3 Things I Regret Buying

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3 Things I Regret Buying

So guys, have you ever seen something at the mall or, in a movie or, online or, as one of your friend’s possession, or anywhere and just said to yourself “I MUST HAVE THAT!” What’s the feeling? Especially with clothes “hey girls i see your faces”. I’d literally plan on what to do with what I want to buy and do my maths and know what money is coming when and myself and I have to come up with ideas on how to squeeze the cash and get some for my about to be treasure ?????. Crazy­ right? It’s called being a human being.

But it’s all exciting and interesting until you get the money, go grab your little treasure and BOOM! it’s not what you expected ???.It happens. It has happened to me severally but I’ll share 3 memorable events;

When I saw socialite Vera Sidika’s post on ig back in 2014/2015 in some versace top I decided to have the same immediately. Where I bought it is not important but after I got it and thought ohhhhh finally I have the same piece as Vera’s that is when reality hit me. Oops! It was a Kenyan uniform before a month was over and it had to stay in my closet cause I couldn’t stand the idea of bumping into at least 5 people a day wearing my top. It’s irritating right?

Well today am generous (thanks to my good spirits) cause am withholding brand names and stores where i got my disappointing treasures.
So a type of lipstick was being sold in a whatsapp group and I said hey let me try this brand and I bought several sticks. Little did I know I was deep sea diving and I can’t even swim ???. The matte was very sticky and could leave some huge marks on anything you come into contact with (NO KISSING BAE) ?? and due to my anger issues they just found a new place in my house (the dustbin). Just a waste of money!

For those who don’t know, mutumba is a name for second hand cloths here in Kenya. And for my Kenyan people, Nairobi to be specific, you know how hot mutumbas can look right. So i saw this hot jungle green jumpsuit and I said “there you are. New baby in my closet” so i grabbed it. It was cheap by the way, Ksh.450 only that should be approximately 4.5$. So I couldn’t wait to reach home and try it out cause no place to try it out when buying in town at those hours ???. SHOCK ON ME! the mutumba guy had just joined a trouser and a top to make a jumpsuit so I couldn’t wear it at all. And the waist was like for a 2 year old. So what to do? Atleast for this one was not much of a regret cause I took the piece to my tailor and I got a hot trouser out of it. Oh the top had to go cause there is nothing I could have done with it.

Well, we all have disappointing and regrettable moments when it comes to buying things. Not everything you buy will turn out to be what you expected and maybe that’s why they say ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD.

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