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I learned the art of thrift store shopping from my mother, who dressed me and my siblings entirely in clothes bought from the local Salvation Army store. As I grew older, this was not embarrassing, especially since none of my clothes had the brand names that my classmates valued so highly, nor was my personal style ever quite up to date. Mom didn’t care; she was happy to save money on clothes and use it for other, more interesting investments, such as sports and travel.


  1. They’re cheap.

First, the most obvious reason we go to thrift stores: bargains. Even though a lot of thrift shops are now armed with the price-checking power of Google, you’re still going to find a lot of cheap stuff. And once in a while, if you’re lucky…

  1. You might find something valuable for next to nothing.

If you haven’t experienced this, it is a thrill. Whether it’s designer clothing or some prized piece of unknown electronic equipment — at first you can barely hold your excitement. “How has no one grabbed this yet?” you mutter over and over like a crazy person. It might not even be worth a lot of money, but it has some intrinsic value to you. And you clutch that item with your life for the rest of your time in that store. Even if it’s uncomfortable, it will never leave your side. Setting it down anywhere is just not an option at thrift stores. People will swoop in like vultures. And when you arrive at the checkout, you feel a small amount of guilt, because “they have no idea what they have here!” But that guilt is completely overshadowed by “HOLY SH*T! LOOK WHAT I FOUND!”

  1. Thrift stores keep more out of landfills.

Obviously, the very idea of a secondhand store is eco-friendly. Thrift stores are like humanity’s hand-me-downs. That 7-Up logo tee can theoretically be worn forever, or at least until the threads are literally worn through. Someone scratches your back, you scratch someone else’s back and so on and so on

  1. You might make some friends with similar interests.

If you like certain clothes, jewelry, records, furniture, electronics, etc., you’ll likely run into people who have similar collecting hobbies and perhaps even gain a lead or two on things you’re looking for. Granted, some of those people may be a little weird, but that’s part of the fun and adventure of thrifting. Anyway, aren’t we all a little weird?

  1. You can create your own style.

And you can do it using the past styles of so many others. We’re not here to judge the bowling alley computer you have in your living room. Hey, just do you.

  1. You never know what you’ll find.

There’s something about entering a thrift shop that is just packed with potential. If a great time for you is dropping into a store of once-owned goods with no idea what you’re looking for, then the thrift shop is it. Endless possibilities and endless questions. Who owned this before? WHY? What the hell is this? Is this amazing or is this awful?

  1. Thrift stores are great if you’re a collector.

Books, games, records, mugs, speak ‘n’ spells, electronic dartboards, scarfs, rings, t-shirts, generic paintings, laserdiscs, boom boxes, VHS movies, ceramic figurines, ties. Where else could you even find these things? Again, no judgment here. Let your collector freak flag fly.

  1. Thrift store items are typically higher quality simply by virtue of being there.

They’ve withstood one person’s use already and still have resale value, which means they’re not like your typical H&M, Zara, or Forever21 cheap “fast fashion” shirts that stretch and lose their shape after a few washes.

  1. Shopping at the thrift store leads to less hoarding.

Because there’s a much smaller financial investment in each item, it’s not as hard to let go. You know that pair of jeans that cost so much, but they just don’t fit right, and you can’t bring yourself to get rid of them because you spent so much… Not the case with thrift store jeans that cost $3 a pop! If something doesn’t work, donate it back and try again.

  1. Thrift shops have a constantly changing selection.

Because thrift stores receive donations, you can expect to see completely different products at your local thrift store from one week to the next.


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  • Body-Suit  thrift
  • Short- Mr. Price
  • Shoes-Bata
  • Cover – Thrift


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